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February 12, 2016
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Put behind "unfortunate" 1962 war, China tells India

PTI [ Updated 01 Feb 2013, 23:08:01 ]
Put behind

New Delhi, Feb 2: China wants India to put behind the 1962 war as an "unfortunate" thing of the past and that the two countries should strengthen their military ties including formalising a border management pact under which their troops will not fire at each other.

The Chinese assessment was conveyed to the Indian Defence ministry team which visited Beijing on January 14 and 15 for the third round of the Annual Defence Dialogue between the two countries.

During the meeting with the Indian team led by Defence Secretary Shashikant Sharma, the Chinese side asked India to forget the 1962 war as an "unfortunate" thing of the past and said it looked forward towards better relations between the two countries, highly-placed defence sources said here today.

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