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February 14, 2016
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Muzaffarnagar riots: Women ‘mahapanchayat’ postponed

PTI [ Updated 02 Oct 2013, 08:22:46 ]
Muzaffarnagar riots: Women ‘mahapanchayat’ postponed

Lucknow:  A proposed women ‘mahapanchayat’, planned to protest against implication of “innocent” people in Muzaffarnagar riots, was postponed yesterday after an assurance by top UP Police officers that “only guilty will be nabbed”.

IG (Law and Order) R K Vishwakarama told reporters here that the ‘mahapanchayat’ was called to protest against alleged implication of “innocent” persons in Muzaffarnagar riots at Harauli village in Bhaurankalan area.

People were demanding that those guilty of inciting the riots and organisers of all religion ‘panchayat’ at Sardhana, despite a ban, “should be nabbed and innocent should not be harassed”, the officer said.

Vishwakarma said that the administration knew about the gathering in advance and the officers requested people not to go ahead with the plan.

He said that on the assurance of the administration the people dropped the idea of holding ‘panchayat’.  

The officer said that the DG and Principal Secretary (Home), while appealing the people to keep patience, have assured that no innocent person will either be named or send to jail.

The IG also said that some leaders have announced not to hold ‘panchayat’ of 84 villages, which is proposed on October 10 at Kotwa village.

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