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February 12, 2016
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Gangrape victim again on ventilator

PTI [ Updated 23 Dec 2012, 20:23:33 ]
Gangrape victim again on ventilator

New Delhi, Dec 23: The 23-year-old gangrape victim was again put on ventilator today after doctors subjected her to various tests as her condition continued to be critical.  

The victim, a para-medical student who is battling for life at Safdurjung Hospital here, was off ventilator since Friday but due to some respiratory problems she was put on ventilator again this evening.

“We are subjecting her to all examinations and procedures.  She continues to be critical,” Dr B D Athani, Medical Superintendent of Safdurjung Hospital, told PTI.  The girl’s family members said that she was put on ventilator in the evening after doctors diagnosed “some problem”.

Doctors had said yesterday that the rape victim is psychologically “composed and optimistic” about her future and has started communicating.

They had also said they are keeping the patient on high doses of antibiotics and high standards of hygiene—two important factors for preventing infection.

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