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Brief history of hostilities between India and Pakistan

India TV News Desk [Updated: 16 Jan 2013, 14:01:13]
brief history of hostilities between india and pakistan- India Tv
brief history of hostilities between india and pakistan
New Delhi : Pakistan was created on August 14, 1947 by partitioning British India into two - with Pakistan having East and West Pakistan, and the rest remained with India.

Since the partition  in 1947,  India and Pakistan have been involved in four wars.  The war of 1971 saw the vivisection of Pakistan, with East Pakistan declaring itself Bangladesh.

Since then, Pakistan has been trying time and again to avenge its defeat in the 1971 war, either through direct aggression in Kargil or through a ‘thousand cuts' proxy war in the Kashmir valley.

Pakistani army has been training Kashmiri militants and other terrorists to carry out mayhem in the valley and across Indian cities, the latest  being the attack on Indian Parliament and the  26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai.

Each time, Pakistan had been denying its role saying these were the activity of  non-state actors, yet the fact remains that from Multan to Bahawalpur to Muzaffarabad, there are sprawling terrorist camps being run by Lashkar-e-Toiba (now named Jamaat-ud-Dawah) where Pakistani armymen train these terrorists.

The most recent attack was the brutal mutilation of two Indian army jawans by Pakistani troops in the Mendhar sector of Jammu & Kashmir on 8 January 2013.

Here we present a summary of war and conflicts between India and Pakistan:
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