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Jamia Students, Teachers Protest Against Police Raids

jamia students teachers protest against police raids- India Tv
jamia students teachers protest against police raids

New Delhi, Feb 20: A group of teachers and students of Jamia Millia University today staged a protest outside Delhi Police Headquarters here alleging that regular  raids in the locality have created a reign of terror among residents.

“There are regular police raids in the area which have created an environment of threat among the residents,” said Manisha Sethi President of Jamia Teachers' Solidarity Association.

Raising questions on the recent raid in Jamia Nagar conducted by Bangladeshi Cell of South District police, Sethi alleged, “Jamia Nagar has been turned into a hunting ground.  In the Wednesday raid, police took away people even after they produced their voter ID cards.

“Whether its auto-theft or illegal migrants, police turns to Jamia Nagar”, Sethi alleged.

The association said that the threat perception created by such regular raids have affected the students and residents.

“Students feel threatened to even live in this area. Once you are arrested, the stigma remains for life, even if the court acquits you. It has happened in so many cases,” claimed Mona Das, a Delhi University Political Sciences Professor.

On Feb 15, eight persons were detained during an overnight raid to locate illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in south-east Delhi, but were let off after it emerged that they were Indian nationals.

Eight police officers were suspended for conducting raids without informing the local police.