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British MP's Wife Found Working As A Sex Worker

Currently reading: British MP's Wife Found Working As A Sex Worker
PTI [Updated:09 Sep 2010, 13:02:22]

Britain's Conservative Party MP Mike Weatherley had the shock of his life when the Sunday Mirror reported that  his separated Brazilian wife Carla, 39, works at three seedy brothels in London.

The expose could prove ­ embarrassing to Prime Minister David Cameron, who campaigned alongside Weatherley at the general election earlier this year.

Weatherley met Carla 10 years ago while he was on a business trip to Rio de Janeiro. Sources say that she was already then a sex worker. There is, however, nothing to suggest that Weatherley knew.

After starting a relationship, Weatherley may have bought Carla an apartment in the Copacabana beach area.  Later, Weatherley moved Carla to Britain, where they married in Brighton, East Sussex, in 2003.

Carla's occupation was listed as housewife in the marriage certificate and initially, she put her past behind her. However, in February, as Weatherley geared up for the poll campaign, she re-entered the sex industry.

During the campaign, Weatherley took Carla to a number of political functions in the Hove and Portslade constituency.

Sunday Mirror reporter met her at a South London massage parlour where she offered to perform a list of sex acts. She then stripped off and ­danced naked.

The media report said that Carla walked into the room in pink lingerie and ­ said she was "Bea".

She then rattled off a price list - "30 pounds for hand relief, 40 pounds for oral sex with a condom followed by sex and 70 pounds for oral sex without a condom followed by full sex with a condom".

She also spoke about two brothels where she works - North Cheam - Massage and Intimate Massage in Bedford.

"I started working in Bedford in February, but it is very far away. Here we have two houses, this one and one in Cheam. And I work there at the moment. I cover for my friend because she's on holiday. I work Thursday there and Friday here. Then, when she is back, I will work Mondays. Thursdays here, Mondays there," she was quoted as saying.

She added: "I like it here, nice clients, nice people, nice place and good money."

Weatherley said he was not aware that his wife was a prostitute and added: "Oh no. It's a bit of a shock. We ­separated in February and I had ­absolutely no idea at all. We've kept in touch and have lunch together every week so we're still good friends."  
"That's a horrible shock... thank you for letting me know."

Mike Weatherley, 53, was one of the new wave of MPs who came to power with Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this year.

The newspaper revealed that 39-year-old Carla has  been busy plying her trade in three different 'massage parlours', under the names Bea, Adriana and Bianca.

The lorry driver's daughter, who is alleged to have worked as a prostitute in her native Brazil before marrying Weatherley, was caught on camera performing a sexy striptease in pink and black polka dot underwear for an undercover reporter.

She said she worked in three brothels and charged £70 an hour for sex. 'I like it here, nice clients, nice people, nice place and good money,' she told the Sunday Mirror.

The MP, who insists that he has been separated from his wife since February this year, wept when approached at his home in Brighton on Monday.  

He said he had no idea that his wife had been selling her body, but claimed they had remained good friends since their separation.

'I am still very shocked by the news and am trying to come to terms with it,' he said. 'I do have proof that we have been separated since February which I can show if needed.'

He began sobbing as he added: 'I will speak to Carla but today I just need to be with my family.' It is a humiliating blow for the MP and his party.
british mp s wife found working as a sex worker- India Tv
british mp s wife found working as a sex worker