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November 1, 2014

Dacoits in Chambal stop Kangana Ranaut's convoy during 'Revolver Rani' shooting, demand she pose with them for pics

India TV webteam [ Updated 18 Apr 2013, 06:33:47 ]

Kabir told a newspaper: “I have lived in that area for over 15 years. So, while I was expecting trouble, we managed to get out of it smoothly.

“The place is famous for guns and dacoits fire them without any reason. There was a little argument with the dacoits, but Kangana didn’t meet or shoot pictures with them.

“We had a police van for our security and in this area, even a constable has a machine gun.”

Kabir said, he called his MLA friend Rakesh Chaudhary who came with his security personnel and escorted the film crew, alongwith Kangna to Gwalior.

“We had strict instructions not to shoot after 5.30 pm and we would return to Gwalior daily. Even male actors would have reservations about shooting in Chambal, but Kangana didn’t have any apprehensions”, says Kabir.

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