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February 11, 2016
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Akshay and Twinkle to become parents again in Sept

[ Updated 08 May 2012, 14:26:01 ]
Akshay and Twinkle to become parents again in Sept

Mumbai: After Akki’s ex girlfriend Shilpa, who is going to be a mother soon, now its wife Twinkle Khanna’s turn.

Sources say she is expecting again and will deliver a baby in September this year.

Twinkle is 11 weeks pregnant and has been missing from the social circuit.  

Akshay and Twinkle Khanna got married in January 2001. They already have an 11 yr old son, Aarav.  

Twinkle is said to be in the second trimester of her pregnancy and has been advised complete rest by doctors.  

Interestingly, both Aarav and Akshay Kumar celebrate their birthdays in September.  

While Akshay’s birthday falls on September 9, Aarav was born in September 2002.  

Twinkle’s mother, Dimple Kapadia, has moved in with Akshay and Twinkle to be able to take better care of her daughter.

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