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June 2, 2015
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Naseeruddin Shah Leaves On Month-Long Romantic Road Trip

[ Updated 07 Dec 2011, 15:12:01 ]
Naseeruddin Shah Leaves On Month-Long Romantic Road Trip

Mumbai, Dec 7: Film actor Naseeruddin Shah has left on a 30-day-long romantic road trip with his wife Ratna Pathak Shah on Saturday last, Mumbai Mirror reported.

The couple, married for 29 years, have left in their BMW to aimlessly cruise  around the whole of South India and spend New Year Eve in Goa.

The report quoted Shah's friend: "They are headed to Pune first.And then later will go to Humpi, Bangalore, Mangalore and Cochin. After exploring the south, they will go to Goa to celebrate Christmas and New Year and then return to Mumbai in January."

Naseeruddin's manager Jairaj said,"Naseer saab will be unreachable for a month.When he left on his trip,he said that he will only be contactable in January.Except for Goa,they don't have any fixed destination that they are heading towards.They are just going on their mood and where they feel like stopping."

While the parents are vacationing, their sons are busy working. Eldest son Imaad is shooting in Delhi and the younger one, Vivaan is working with Vishal Bhardwaj in Mumbai.