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Ajay Devgn Meets Anna, Finally

Currently reading: Ajay Devgn Meets Anna, Finally
PTI [Updated:05 Nov 2011, 15:03:12]

Bollywood star Ajay Devgn was supposed to be felicitated by Anna Hazare at an event in Pune but it was cancelled due to security reasons. But Devgn made sure that he at least meet Hazare before he left for Delhi, and meet he did, reports Mirror. Pune police wanted to felicitate Ajay Devgn for his role of a honest Marathi cop in Singham.

Anna Hazare was flying down to Pune especially for the event. But while the organisers expected around three thousand people,over ten thousand turned up.  In no time,the event became extremely chaotic.Entering the venue became impossible.

Ajay,who was travelling with Rohit Shetty and his business manager Kumar Mangat left without entering the venue.So did Anna Hazare.

But Ajay wanted to meet Anna.When he learnt that Anna was heading towards the airport,Ajay rushed there and met up with the activist.

Kumar Mangat confirmed the news and added, We were very excited about meeting Anna. However, since we could not reach the venue, we decide to meet him at the airport. It was a very nice evening.A jay was extremely happy to have finally met him.

ajay devgn meets anna finally- India Tv
ajay devgn meets anna finally