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Countdown begins! These 6 elements promise to make Bigg Boss house a true visual treat (See Pics)

Currently reading: Countdown begins! These 6 elements promise to make Bigg Boss house a true visual treat (See Pics)
India TV Entertainment Desk, Mumbai [Updated:16 Oct 2016, 14:22:24]

The countdown has begun…The clock is ticking as the passing minutes mark the advent of Indian television’s most awaited reality show, Bigg Boss.

This weekend, the common man will embark on a journey-of-a-lifetime to stand as equals against celebrity contestants. And, this epic battle has the perfect setting! The Bigg Boss house, this year, is themed to appear as a modern Indian palace with elements of mystique that invoke sentiments like vigour and positivity. 

Making the stay an intriguing roller coaster ride for these contestant for the next 100+ days, the Bigg Boss 10 house has been designed by Omung Kumar along with his wife Vanita. 

Commenting on the house, co-designer Omung Kumar said, “The Bigg Boss house, this year, has an ethereal look. The design of the Bigg Boss house, has been themed around a modern Indian palace. 

There is an element of Indian mystique to the décor with a lot of lanterns and earthy tones to bring a homely appeal to the set. And, the house is more colorful and vibrant this time with lots of paintings. There are many conspicuous changes in the Bigg Boss house. 

The orientation of the living room and the bedroom have been interchanged, with a special seven-sleeper bed space being created for select contestants. We’re also adding a touch of luxury to the Bigg Boss house with the introduction of a Jacuzzi corner in the bathroom. 

The design elements have been incorporated to create a balanced experience for both celebrity and common man contestants.” 
Adding further, he said, “The most prominent addition to the Bigg Boss house, however, is the jail. Painted to depict a filthy appearance, the jail will be a dungeon of sorts for contestants who break the rules. 

There is a special Indian-style bathroom installed for the qaidis, and an earthen pot along with aluminium plates and mugs to make the entire experience more real.”
Here’s a quick look at the grandiose and unique elements doused in majestic beauty and aura, that promise to make Big Boss house the best one of all BB seasons: 

1) A royal palette

A vibrant environment is all that one needs to inculcate feelings of positivity and comfort. This year, the Bigg Boss house is filled with bright and lively hues of pink, purple, gold and royal blue with some intricate and trendy designs that will leave you mesmerized.

India Tv - A royal palette


2) The chamber of ‘bedroom’ secrets

This year, the contestants’ mornings will be filled with bright sunlight as the altered positions of the living room and bedroom brings in some warm rays. The bedroom area features not only seven single beds, but also one big googly for the unsuspecting contestants. While 7 contestants will take the single beds, the remaining will have to share a massive bed which has been placed against a wall. A first-time addition is a walk-in closet adorned with full-length mirrors to ensure that the contestants look their absolute best at all times. 

India Tv - Bed room area

3) Kingly confessions

The confession room is one place where the contestants can shed all their inhibitions and share their deepest secrets and desires with Bigg Boss. And this year, this room promises to make the contestants feel like royalty. The seat will be a classic emulation of a King’s throne covered in deep and glittery gold. With the walls covered in deep red, and rustic lamps suspended from the ceiling, the confession room promises to be a sight for sore eyes. 

India Tv - Inside the confession room

4) Dungeon of errors 

Contestants have always been prone to making errors and breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house. This year, the house brings back one of its darkest elements, the jail. Painted to appear filthy to its inmates, the jail is splattered with gruesome material; this dungeon promises to be as good as hell. Located in a corner in the garden area, the jail has two iron khatiyas with dusty bedding. Aluminium utensils, an earthen water pot and an Indian-style washroom, the Bigg Boss jail will give suitable punishment to those who err. 

 India Tv - Jail in the house

5) Modern royal bath

The newest addition to the bathroom area, this season, is a luxurious Jacuzzi placed in a corner which allows every relaxing contestant a full view of the entire room. A pristine white Jacuzzi in a royal purple washroom adorned with peacock graphics, the bathroom promises to create a rejuvenating, revitalising and relaxing environment allowing thee contestants to unwind. 

India Tv - Jacuzzi in the Bathroom area

6) Feisty feasts

Continuing with this royal backdrop is the Bigg Boss house’s most-loved space – the kitchen. Be it tiffs on daily responsibilities, gossip sessions or more, the kitchen has always found itself in the midst of its all. This year, the kitchen is the ultimate epitome of class and style. Its earthy tones and country design will bring a touch of home to this otherwise royal home. And this is extended to the dining table where a large curved table will form the basis for many conversations and food-related quarrels. 

India Tv - Kitchen area


India Tv - Dining area
All these elements are supported by the garden area which features a swimming pool, gym area and a specially-created Appy Fizz zone for the contestants to take a break from the daily tasks, making their Bigg Boss journey more enjoyable. 

India Tv - Swimming pool and garden area

India Tv - A specially-created Appy Fizz zone


(All Image courtesy: Colors)

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