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November 1, 2014

Know why Mumbai TV executive Neeraj Grover was hacked into pieces

India TV Crime Desk [ Updated 23 Jul 2014, 09:35:56 ]

In the evening, they headed towards Manor after buying two bottles of petrol at Bhayander. After reaching a jungle near Amgaon village in Manor they set the chopped pieces on fire and returned Mumbai the same night.

Maria had kept Neeraj’s cell phone with her and while on her way to Manor, she accidentally answered a call while pulling out the mobile phone out of her denim pocket. This helped the police to trace the location at which the call was received.

This became the prime lead for the police in the investigation. Maria during the interrogation lied to police by telling them that she was shopping in Dadar whereas in reality, she was on her way to Manor.

Maria had also lied about the owner of the borrowed car. She had initially told the police that the borrowed Santro car was of Jerome’s naval officer friend Jitesh’s. But after Jitesh denied supporting Maria in her cooked up story during investigation, Maria then came out with the truth and told that she had borrowed the car from a person called Kiran Shreyas. Kiran reported that Maria had asked for his car to go out for shopping with Jerome in Dadar.

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