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Top 5 fastest trains the world

top 5 fastest trains the world- India Tv
top 5 fastest trains the world
New Delhi: Bullet trains are becoming popular for sharply reducing commute times from smaller cities to large megacities and fueling real-estate boom. economists from UCLA and China's Tsinghua University observed in a new study in China that bullet trains could act as a safety valve for crowded megacities in the developing world and ease the effects of overpopulation.


The report further said high-speed trains would improve quality of life by easing congestion in the major cities while giving more isolated cities greater access to metropolitan hubs. The study also found that bullet trains have created a new category of suburbs in China: about 60 to 470 miles from megacities — which are impractical for frequent car travel. High-speed rail gives these distant cities big-city benefits without downsides like high housing costs, overcrowding, or air and water pollution, they discovered.

“The bullet trains could act as a safety valve by encouraging people to move to second-tier cities, improving the quality of life in both areas and creating more sustainable growth," the study said.

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