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Hands on: Nokia Asha 311

hands on nokia asha 311- India Tv
hands on nokia asha 311
New Delhi, Sep 30: Nokia has been the star player with entry level and feature phones in India. It introduced a new series of smartphone like feature phones - the Nokia Asha series. After a couple of Qwerty smartphones, the company released the full touchscreen devices Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311 in the first half of August this year.

All three new Nokia Asha 300 series mobile phones bear most of the functionality and features found in smartphones. Nokia Asha 311 is the top model in the Asha line-up and has a full touchscreen display with two buttons to navigate the interface. Nokia has overhauled the old Series 40 user interface with new gestures and chic styling. Asha 311 is a single GSM SIM phone.

Nokia Asha 311 is already available in the Indian market and was reported to be heavily in demand. Thankfully we got our hands on one of the units and decided to take a closer look at it.