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Hands on: Nokia Asha 311

New Delhi, Sep 30: Nokia has been the star player with entry level and feature phones in India. It introduced a new series of smartphone like feature phones - the Nokia Asha series. After a

India TV News Desk [ Updated: September 30, 2012 20:14 IST ]


Nokia mobile phones are perceived to offer great battery life and the legacy continues with Asha 311. As expected, Asha 311 offers quite acceptable battery life while using 3G and WiFi in a normal day. The phone then lasts just about a day. If the phone mode is switched to 2G then it lasts for more than a day. Asha 311 has a 3.7v battery packing 1110 mAh power and standby time of about a month on 2G mode. The phone does not pack any GPS so there is relatively less battery consumption. Those who will be using 3G to check social network updates can easily enjoy about a day of battery life, and will have to charge the phone at night. One will never get tired of listening to music and can enjoy it for about two days straight, naturally counting regular breaks within that time frame.


Nokia Asha 311 is a mobile phone meant for smart youth, students and folks who want a reliable secondary phone with good music capabilities. Currently, the Nokia Asha 311 retails for Rs 6,559 and one can always get a lower best price. Compared to several competing handsets, Nokia Asha offers better audio, legibility under the sun and a refreshing new user interface. After using this device for a while, users can always keep it and advance to costlier smartphones.

Asha 311 offers 3G and WiFi support for faster data connectivity. It packs a plethora of apps that will seldom make you feel like you are using a feature phone - of course, we are keeping quality aside. Besides that, it comes with Nokia Maps, Life Tools, File Manager and a number of other apps that come in handy. Most importantly, the phone offers a lag-free fluid user experience with its new interface.

Nokia Asha promises decent battery life over 3G networks and is the ideal smartphone for anyone moving to touchscreen devices in the entry level segment.
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